7 de febrero de 2008

Buenas y malas noticias / Good and bad news

Gracias por vuestro apoyo... ya estoy mejor, pero os cuento... la buena noticia es que hoy me han dado el alta, y he salido del hospital, ya estoy mejor, y empiezo a comer poco a poco. La mala noticia, es que al salir del hospital, un perro de raza pastor alemán, me atacó... Casi sin darme cuenta, me cogió del lomo, y empezó a zarandearme con la boca. Yo no paraba de gritar, mami estaba blanca, no sabía que hacer, el dueño del otro perro tiraba de él, pero no me soltaba... así que despues de unos segundos, mami metió su mano, arriesgandose a que le mordieran, en la boca del perro grande y tiró de mí. Yo tenía un ataque de histeria... como estabamos a 5 minutos del veterinario, mami me llevó corriendo para que me analizaran. El veterinario no se lo podía creer... tengo un bocado en el lomo y me han vendado... aquí os dejo una foto. Al final, mañana me voy de viaje con mami, porque no me quiere dejar aquí con nadie... estoy un poco baja de animos, y mañana por la mañana tengo que ir otra vez al veterinario para que me miren las heridas. Esto no se lo deseo a nadie, lo he pasado muy mal, y mami tenía un ataque de ansiedad, tambien lo pasó muy mal. Ahora tengo que sacar fuerzas para irme mañana de viaje con ella. Os seguiré contando a la vuelta...
Thank you for your support ... I am already better, but i tell you... The good news is that today I have been discharged, and i left the hospital, because I am better, and begin to eat slowly. The bad news is that when i leave the hospital, a German shepherd dog race, he attacked to me... Almost without realising it, I got the spine, and began to move with his teeth. I would not stop screaming, mom was white, she did not know what to do, the owner of another dog pull him, but he don´t drop me... So after a few seconds, Mommy put his hand, drisk to him bite to her, at the mouth of the big dog and threw me. I had an attack of hysteria ... As we were to 5 minutes from the veterinarian, mom took me running for my analysis. The veterinarian could not believe it ... I have a bite in the back and I was blindfolded ... I had put a picture here. Finally, I am going to travel with mom, because she do not want to leave here with anyone ... I am a little lower, and tomorrow morning I will go again to the veterinarian, he look at the wounds. This is not what I want to anyone, I have spent very badly, and mom had an anxiety attack, too went very wrong. Now I have to draw strength to go tomorrow travel with her. We will continue to rely upon we return ...

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Sparky dijo...

Oh no! That's horrible! How could a dog be so mean to you, Chloe? That must have really hurt! I really hope you get better quickly. I'm thinking of you!

Love you,


Lorenza dijo...

Que paso?? Me se unas cuantas malas palabras en espanol para ese perro!
Pobre de ti! Espero que tu herida sane muy pronto! Que bueno que te vas a ir de viaje con tu mami. Quien mejor para cuidarte que ella.
Te quiero mucho Chloe y espero que te repongas muy pronto!


Poor Chloe...how terrible. How come that big dog was loose to attack you. You be brave little one--me and the Mommy will be thinkin about you & the Mommy will say some prayers that you get to feeling better soon.

Love Mona

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid dijo...

pero bueno que susto.. aun estoy temblando de leerte mi pequeña...
que jodienda..
te mandamos mucha fuerza para que puedas irte con tu mami mañana, qeu al final con nadie mejor estaras.
todo nuestro amor pequeña, y a mama todo nuestro apoyo y animo..

Amber-Mae dijo...

Oh my gosh! You poor thing! 1st you had some blockage problem & now you got bitten by a big mean dog! You must be in sooo much pain. What a horrible week you had. Oh my, I really hope the puncture wound isn't deep. How come that doggy was loose? That owner should be punished for letting his dog loose when it's not safe at all. I'll really be thinking about you till you heal back. Poor Chloe...sigh.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Thor dijo...

Pobre Chloé! Primeiro você ficou doente e agora aquele cachorro ataca você! Eu espero que você se recupere bem rápido!!


Girasol dijo...

Que miedo me ha dado es epastor aleman ya esos son grandes y tu eres pequeña...felizmente que el vet estaba ahi no mas cerca.
Creo que tu mami hizo bien el elejir llevarte con ella. cuidate mucho.

Maggie & Mitch dijo...

OMG! How awful for you, Chloe! We're sending lots of AireZen that you feel better soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

René dijo...

Pobrecita niña... que penita da ver esa foto, se ve que estàs malita y asustada... pobrecita...

Te mando muchos besos para que te pongas buena muy pronto.

Animo preciosa!

Girasol dijo...

I gave you and award. Come check it out.
Espero que te anime el dia.

The Daily Echo dijo...

Oh Chloe - I'm so sorry that happened to you! We just heard about on Dogs With Blogs. We're glad you're back home safe and sound where you can heal.

Lacy dijo...

woofies Chloe, me sooo sorrwy dat big doggy hurt u...me wuz attacked too me me wuz younger...plez let us no watt da vets says...me n mama has u in our thots and prayers, its not to bad...

b safe,
;( a sad lacylulu and mama...

wally dijo...

Poor Chloe. I am so sorry that you were sick and now had this horrible accident! I hope you and your mom feel better soon. We will have our paws crossed for you.

wally & ethel

Katie dijo...

espero que te repongas muy pronto, Chloe. Es muy mal que german shepherd!

The Brat Pack dijo...

Oh no...you must have been so scared! We're sending healing vibes your way.

The Brat Pack

Butchy & Snickers dijo...

Poor Chloe! We're so sorry to hear that the mean dog attacked you at the vet. That is just awful. Why didn't the owner do anything?? Jerks. We sure hope you aren't injured badly. Did the vet check you for internal bleeding?? Make sure he does. How is your blockage?? Does the vet know what is causing this? We certainly hope the blockage clears away so you'll get better soon. We're sending lots of wirey hugs your way & we'll be praying for you to heal quickly.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Hammer dijo...

Hello Chloe
We feel so sad for you and your mum that you were attacked by this big, bad dog. We really the bites heal very quickly and you and your mum will feel much better before you have to go back to the vets. We are thinking of you both and we're sending you lots of Setter love and healing energy from Australia.
Love from Hammer, his mum and his family

The Zoo Crew dijo...

Oh, Chloe....we are all sending you pawsitive thoughts! Get better soon.

Peace + Paws,

The Zoo Crew

Mary-Margaret O'Brien dijo...

Dear Chloe - We are so very sorry that you are having such a terrible time. What an awful dog ...what a MONSTER...! How could anyone hurt such a sweetie as you. You have our deepest sympathy. Know we love you and are praying for your speedy recovery.

Love, Mary-Margaret O'Brien

PS: I told some more of my friends what happened and they may be writing to you too. We are all very upset about this, you know. Us Yorks and Yorkettes have to stick together. Yup.

Minnie Mouse dijo...

I am so sorry to hear this sweet Chloe ... I hope that you will be better soon. Now ... as a hint to get a little more sympathy ... just look up at the human folks and sigh ... that gets them all the time. :)

Love Minnie Mouse and One-Eyed Jack

Carolina dijo...

Hola Chloe,
Mi mama te escribe desde las islas Turcos & Caicos, en la Islas Britanicas Occidentales (se llamaba Guanani cuando Cristobal Colon las descubrio). Yo me quede en casa. Mary Margaret acaba de hacerme saber que has tenido dos accidentes en poco tiempo. Desde ahora estaras en mis oraciones. Cuidate mucho y deseo que te mejores pronto.
Abrazos, Lucie

Dasha's Dialog dijo...

Dear Chloe,
I am so sorry to hear of this attack! I am a friend of Mary Margaret's and I wanted to wish you speedy recovery and to tell you to be very brave. My Mommy and I will be praying for you to heal fast and feel better soon.

Dashi and my Mom, Beth

Asta dijo...

I'm so vewy sowwy to heaw that you wewe sick, and now to be so howwibly attacked..my poow Dawling I will pway that you wecovew fully and soon..my love to you and youw Mommi fwom mine
youw Mom loves you so much pleez stay stwong and get well
smoochie kisses

Roxie, Sammy and Andy dijo...

We are thinking of your and wishing you well. We hope your bad days are behind you.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Mary-Margaret O'Brien dijo...

This is from my good friend, Donna:

So from our household to yours,Chloe,we are praying for a speedy recovery. Your little body has been through torture today and for that we are so sorry. You have a very brave and loving mom,as you must know. Get well soon,Chloe.

P.S, Mary-Margaret,will you please pass this along to Chloe? Thanks a bunch.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien dijo...

This is from my good friend, Bobbie:

"What a terrible experience this poor baby and mama have had. Will remember little Chloe and mom in my prayers. Good healing thoughts coming your way.

MNGirlyGirl dijo...

I am so sorry that you were attacked and bitten by that big dog. I hope you get better soon. You are lucky to have a good mommy to protect and care for you. Extra hugs,
Clive's Mom

PKPWV dijo...

Estoy apesadumbrado un tou lastimado del perro malo especialmente después de estar en hospital. Espero que usted mejor ahora se esté sintiendo y que su mamá se está sintiendo mejor. ¡Consiga mejor! La mamá no es buena en el español. Espero que usted entendiera.


Sophie Brador dijo...

Oh Chloe, That is just awful. I really hope you are recovering from this. You deserve only the best of the best from now on.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound dijo...

oh we are so sorry to hear your terrible news about Chloe. Although we do not know you we feel for you so much.

Please get well soon dear sweet Chloe. And Chloe's Mama, I hope you are managing to cope at this awful time. Our thoughts are with you.

Love and much light from Jeannie and Marvin in Scotland xxxxx

Mary-Margaret O'Brien dijo...

This is from my friend, Lilbit, in New Hampshire:

poor Chloe...hope she is feeling better soon

Sue, Jay,
Justin, Jaren
The infamous

Dogs Leave pawprints on our hearts

(sorry, but my friends can't figure out how to leave messages for you and asked me to deliver them. Is that ok??)

Franki V dijo...

Dear Chloe and your mama, We just heard about your attack by the German Shepherd when we visited Charlie-The Big Dog's site. We are sending pawsitive thoughts your way to help you heal. The world can be such a scary place.
Franki V and human Connie

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz dijo...

Poor Chloe! We sure hope that you start feeling better really soon. You have had enough bad luck for a whole life time!
Ozzie & Rocky

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! dijo...

Oh sweet Chloe... we are so sorry to hear that you have not been well and to see that another doggie attacked you. We wish you a quick recovery. Take it easy and we wil be thinking lots about you and sending positive thoughts.

Dakota dijo...

Oh Chloe! I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope you are feeling better and getting stronger.

Agatha and Archie dijo...

Although you don't know us litle Chloe we send you and your Mom TONS of healing kisses and smoochies. This is an awfull lot for a litle dog and her Mom to have to go through.We are thinking of you....Love Agatha and Archie

Randi dijo...

Hola bonita chica - I'm so sorry to hear about all of your troubles! I am praying for your speedy recovery...You are a very pretty little girl & I don't know why any german shepard would want to attack you...Please be strong for you & your mommy & give her extra special kisses...

Love & Licks,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien dijo...

And here's from Auntie Dee and Shadow Dancer:

Hi Chloe
We heard that your not feeling well..
We are so sorry about the attack
by that big dog...
Shadow and I have been saying a special
prayer that you will get well very soon and
be running around playing and enjoying the
things you love to do..
Auntie Dee and Cuz Shadow Dancer


Oh no Chloe, We hope you are better soon. It was very bad of that big dog to attack you. We are all hoping you have a quick recovery!

Woofs Casper, Buddy and Nikkki

Jeronimo dijo...

Chloé!!!! Por dios! como pude llegar tarde!! lo siento princesita!! Te quiero mucho mucho y vas a ver que te vas a poner bien y todo pasará! y la próxima vez que salgas a la calle, nos llamas y nosotros vamos a hacer de guardaespaldas!,
Espero que estes bien, princesa
Un guabeso enorme de Lapauli y mui!
El jero

Van Dog dijo...

Uauff para ti, Chloe!

The Airechicks dijo...

Oh Chloe -

We feel so badly - this should never happen .... Big Dogs sometimes to see right ....

We'll be sending LOTS of "AIREZEN" with Maggie & Mitch ...tomorrow will be better...


Toffee dijo...

chloe! I hope that you are healing well. I, too, know how aweful it is to be picked up, bitten and shaken by a German Shepherd dog.
Feel better soon!

Chloé dijo...

Muchas gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo... Anoche volví del viaje con mami, y me encuentro un poco mejor... todavía muy dolorida, pero empiezo a comer un poquito. Muchas gracias de verdad!

Chloé dijo...

Thank you for all of your support ... Last night I came back from spending time with mom, and I´m a little better ... Still very painful, but begin to eat a little. Thank you very much to everybody and everydog!

Bella dijo...

Oh my Chloe darling - so much bad luck - I wish you to get better very soon and to have good luck for the future.
Please let us know that you are getting better - you are a very brave girl.

Ines dijo...

Querida pequeña, cuantas cosas en tan poco tiempo, que mal lo pasaria tu mami, lo se porque yo pase por la misma experiiencia, un pastor aleman atacó a mi anterior perro, un teckel de pelo duro del cuello, menos mal que el pelo le amortiguó el daño, aun asi estuvo pachucho una temporada. Reponte rapido y muchos animos a tu mami

BrandytheGreat dijo...

Hope you'll be better Chloe!

Brandy and Gang.

Gorda dijo...

Leyendo los comentarios vi que decís que ya estas mejor...eso me pone muy contenta, espero que ya se les haya pasado el susto, que seguro abra sido grande.
Muchas fuerzas.

Billy dijo...

Dear little Chloe,

I read about you on Frasier's blog. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened, I can't believe it. You think you are safe and then this happens. I hope you get better very quickly little one.

BIG hugs and lots of love from Billy Boo:)

Katherine and Pippa, dijo...

Estoy un poco tarde con las palabras. Pero, espero que hayas recuperada las fuerzas y que sientas mejor.

Pensando en ti.
(desde Malaga)

Momo & Pinot dijo...


We are very sorry that you were very sick. OMG, hope you're ok after being attacked by this big doggie. We're glad you felt better and then this happened. Poor thing, Chloe. We'll cross our paws for your speedy recovery.

Hug and kiss
Momo & Pinot

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid dijo...

chiquitina nos alegramos que ya estes mejor
te keresmoooooooooooooooooossssssssss

Thor dijo...

Chloe, estou feliz em saber que você está melhor!


Byron y Xinver dijo...

Querida perrita Chloé confiamos en que te recuperes pronto físicamente y también del susto tan grande.
Mala suerte por lo de ese perro. Lo sentimos.

Dark dijo...

Chiquitina,te deseo de todo corason que te recuperes mucho y muy bien,y que con el tiempo pierdas el miedo que aun debes tener (si pillo al xuxo eso lkdkjhfkhgdhgjhgg grrrrrrrrrr).
Te mando un lametoncito con mucho cuidadito,un ronroneo del tete y una caricia bien tierna de mami!

Snowball dijo...

How are you chloe? Any new updates?


Sugar Princess & Baby Sweet Pea dijo...

Oh poor Chloe!!! What a terrible experience for you. We are sending you hugs and prayers and puppy licks from Canada. Hope you feel better very soon.

We have a mutual friend, Mary Margaret O'Brien.

FleasGang dijo...

How horrible! We hope you start feeling better soon, Chloe.

The FleasGang


Hi Chloe,

me just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. Mw hopes you feal better now. me wanted to invite your Mommy to come over to my bloggie and share the roses the Mommy got today.

Love a lots.....Mona

Nano Frontera. dijo...

Pero qué bruto!!!! hay bipedos que no se dan cuenta que tienen colegas que son peligrosos para andar sin bozal, es feo pero todo es cómo te crian. estás de todos modos, preciosa en la foto toda vendadita perocon tu hebillita. guabeso