29 de abril de 2008

Mami ha vuelto / Mom came back

Mami ya ha vuelto de londres, pero esta vez no me ha traido ningun regalito... tampoco se lo tengo en cuenta, porque viaja mucho, y es normal, que a veces no tiene mucho tiempo de comprarme nada... pero me ha dado una sorpresa... nos vamos de vacaciones!!!! Así que a la vuelta, prometo muchas fotos, y muchas experiencias para contaros....
Mommy came back of london, but this time has not brought me anypresent... I do not also bear it in mind, because she travels very much, and she is normal, that sometimes does not have a lot of time to buy a gift for me... but she has given me a surprise ... we go on holidays!!!! So to the return, I promise many photos, and a lot of experiences to tell itself....

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Maggie & Mitch dijo...

We can't wait to see pictures, Chloe!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza dijo...

Hola Chloe!
Vacaciones!!! Wow! Espero que te diviertas mucho y la pases muy bien con tu mami. Si, necesitas tomar muchas fotos y mostrarnoslas!

Finalmente pude ver tu nuevo look! Me gusta mucho y te ves muy guapa!

Charlie dijo...

A holiday together is the best present of all!
- Charlie

Thor dijo...

Olá Chloe! Você ficou muito bonita com seu novo look! Boas férias! Divirta-se muito!


Sparky dijo...

You're goin' on a holiday? I am so jealous! But I hope you have a grrrreat time! Can't wait to see pictures when you come back!


Girasol dijo...

Que bueno que mama este de resgreso. pasa unas lindas vacaiones!!!


Hi Chloe,

just stoppong by to say hello and to say how happy you sound now. You had a very hard winter ans here's hoping everythinfg is good for you this summer....A beach!! how wonderful & you get to go on holiday...have a good time & post lots of pictures when you get back.

Love to you and your Mommy from Mona & thr Mommy

Lacy dijo...

woof's Ms Chloe, its good to see u back...we has misseded u...bring on da picturs and let us see ur sweet smilin face..

b safe,
bear and
angel lacylulu ;)

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid dijo...

peque te la pasas paseando. que suerte