29 de octubre de 2008

Problema / problem

Hola a todos! Tengo un pequeño problema con el concurso de Halloween. Mami se tiene que ir a trabajar a China varias semanas... se vá el día de Halloween, y no sé como voy a poder mandar el premio o esperar a que ella vuelva... ayudadme a un solucion!!!
Hello everybody! I have a little problem with the Halloween´s contest. Mommy has to go to work to China several weeks ... is going on the day of Halloween, and I do not know how I can send the award or wait for it again ... help me to a solution!

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Yogui dijo...

Pospon el premio un poquito, para cuando ella vuelva, a lo mejor asi me da tiempo a convencer a mi papi que me ayuda a disfrazarme...
Espero que no te sientas muy sola con tu mami tan lejos

Lorenza dijo...

Hola Chloe!
Si, la idea de Yogui es buena. No creo que haya problema en posponerlo!
Quien te va a cuidar mientras tu mami se va a China?

Chloé dijo...

ok, daremos los premios a la vuelta de mami. No os preocupeis por mí, me quedo con la abuela. Gracias

Ok, we´ll give the award when mom came back from china. Don´t worry, i´m with grandmom. Thanks

Amber-Mae dijo...

Oh Chloe, please tell your Mama not to rush it. You can wait after she's back & settled. We will wait. No worries!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ruby dijo...

Oh Chloe
Do not worry. You have fun with grandmom.
Happy Halloween

Love Ruby

Brownie dijo...

Chloe, vamos a esperar a tu mami, no importa que no sea el día de Halloweeeeeeen, pero igual esperaremos

Por cierto, tu mami te lleva?

Mango the Maltese kiddo dijo...

I wish your mom a nice safe trip in China.
I've missed you already!
Have fun staying with G-mom. Hope she'll spoil you!
When you have time, please come visit me, I have a "kiss and tell" double dating story to share with you.

Chloé dijo...

Hello, i'm chloe's mom... Now i'm writting from China!!! Thanks you very mucho for your compression, when i came back to spain, i'll say the winner. China is a wonderful country, i love it!!! Your must to visit... i talked yesterday with my mom, and she said me that Chloe is very well...don't worry. Thanks

Snowball dijo...

Was your problem solved? DId mummy get you anything from China?